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The key word is “We.”


I believe everyone has a right to be heard and respected. Governing by consensus is about honoring the dignity of every individual. It is also about trust. Every time we reach a decision together – every time we set aside our differences to really listen to each other – we pave the way for more confidence and shared participation in the next decision.


For me, public service is about stewardship. The people of Marin County share a deeply embedded sense of place. We live in the most diverse intellectual, natural and urban landscape in the United States. Our values of community are rooted in our physical environment. It influences our arts, nourishes our bonds of family and shapes our leisure. I am driven to public service by a strong sense of responsibility to protect this priceless inheritance and ensure that together we can pass it on to our children and the generations that will follow them.


This election marks an opportunity to bring fresh thinking and leadership to the new challenges we face: the advancing effects of climate change; state mandates on affordable housing; and the social and economic fallout from the pandemic.


The key lesson I have learned from more than 30 years in business and public service is that every problem comes with a pathway to its solution. Protecting how and where we live requires local strategies forged through transparency, fiscal responsibility, consensus and compassion. Together, we can protect and determine our shared future. Let’s go!


Ryan O'Neil for Marin County Supervisor

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